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Upload Records

Upload all your current medical records online on our secured EMR application


Health Assistant

Your personal health assistant will help you to choose the best hospital based on your requirements for your http://www.bigleaguekickball.com/category/press/ soma cheap no prescription treatment abroad. Why do I need Personal healthcare Assistant?
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Appointment with Surgeon

After reviewing your requirement we will suggest the best surgeon for the appointment.


Budget for your Travel

Upon your satisfaction, our http://www.bigleaguekickball.com/about/ buy Soma overnight free delivery medical tourism services shall prepare budget for your travel and surgery requirements which includes (but not limited to) following:

Flight Tickets

Medical Visa


Estimation for surgery

24/7 Cab service
with chauffeur

Foreign exchange (if required)

Personal escort (With Multilingual Capabilites)

Tourism within India (For interested parties)


Escort From Airport

You will travel on the scheduled date and will have a personal escort to receive you at the Indian Airport. Your medical procedure will proceed as planned by our medical tourism providers.
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Records Updated To DLMR

Expect your medical records to be updated on the DLMR platform after your surgery. Our medical tourism in India will help you to recuperate at your own pace before going home or enroll supplemental classes or treatments like Yoga or Ayurveda at famed alternative medicine centers in the country.


Return Home Healthier

You will return back to your home healthy and safe. Under our health and medical tourism expect post-treatment support and follow-ups from your India doctor to help you recuperate even better.
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Post Treatment Follow-up

Suggestions on alternative medical support like Ayurveda, Yoga etc., How effective are alterantive medicine?


Choosing Datalife Health Tours, one of the best Medical Tourism Facilitator can help you with the following medical and travel concerns:

  • Internationally accredited hospitals for Any medical procedure you need.
  • Healthcare for every budget on overseas medical treatment
  • Dedicated personal assistance by our health tourism providers
  • Completely free consultations “Get a free quote Now”
  • Online connectivity to hospitals and doctors of choice
  • Electronic Medical Records service free of cost
  • Medical visa application assistance under international medical tourism
  • Flight bookings, Hotel reservations, Ground transport arrangements
  • Itinerary planning for India medical trip
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Why India as a Healthcare Destination?

India is slowly making its way to the ranks of the best places to be for Global Medical Tourism because of a plethora of factors which makes the country advantageous for patients seeking quality medical care. It is overt that India is by far one of the countries offering affordable healthcare, but its popularity as a healthcare destination isn’t determined by cost-effectiveness alone. Apart from the reasonably priced treatments, there is so much more that the country has to offer. Here are reasons why hundreds of thousands are choosing India for their medical treatment abroad:

India has a competitive medical workforce which encompasses more than a million doctors—by far the most number of doctors in Southeast Asia. Most Indian doctors are internationally trained and are more than highly capable of delivering impeccable care to their patients. 

Besides their skill and training, doctors are also accustomed to the increasing demands for technology application in treatment. You can be assured of world-class talent, years of training, and up-to-date knowledge of treatment modalities when you seek medical care from the country’s medical practitioners.
Large medical device manufacturers are also based in India, which makes the medical industry abreast of the latest advancements in technology. Cutting-edge technological equipment and services are offered in India’s premier hospitals, which makes them the best in the world. 

India-based hospitals such as Apollo Hospitals, Aster Medcity, Fortis Healthcare, Narayana Health, and several others are now capable of robotics-assisted surgeries, PET MRI, Novalis radiosurgery, Tesla MRI, HDR Brachytherapy, and other avant-garde diagnostic and medical-surgical tools which were once exclusive to western countries. With these new technologies and the expertise of India’s doctors, expect excellent and world-class treatments when you choose India’s innovative, up-to-date hospitals.
Cost-effectiveness and enormous savings are what attract patients to come to India. According to Wikipedia, India medical treatments are only a meagre 1/10 of their western treatment counterparts in the United States and the United Kingdom. 

India’s healthcare system assures that the quality of the procedures is not sacrificed for the cost. Visitors line up for bone marrow transplants, reconstructive surgeries, cardiac surgeries, hip replacements, eye surgeries, and other difficult procedures through health tourism due to their less cost in India than their home countries. Because the hospitals and care facilities are replete with accreditations and are compliant with local (and international) regulations, quality is guaranteed.
Lenient travel laws, especially for patients, are also attracting patient masses to consider their getting their treatments in India. Currently, India allows for tourists to enjoy a “visa-on-arrival”, which enables them to stay for 30 days in the country, provided there is valid medical cause—unlike in other countries which have extensive and tiresome visa requirements.
India is known for giving urgent notice on patients who require medical treatment—you don’t have to be on a waiting list to avail of the treatments you need. Red tape and wearisome legislations often delay patient treatments for months, causing patients to explore other countries for medical treatment. You can have your procedures without delay in India with our Best Medical Tourism services—there is little to no waiting periods for visceral organ surgeries, reconstructive treatments, cancer care, cosmetic and dental surgeries, orthopaedic procedures, joint replacements, and various procedures.
English is one of the major languages in the nation, hence eliminating the language barrier from patient to health provider and allows for a better understanding of the patients’ needs. Apart from the medical staff speaking the universal language, India’s hospitals and medical professionals are also renowned for their hospitality, warmth, and genuine care for their patients. To further assist the patients on their medical travel, hospitals may also arrange for the service of seasoned translators to aid the patients better while in treatment. 

India’s healthcare tourismsystem offers cost-effectiveness hand-in-hand with exemplary service, that’s why it is one of the best choices as a healthcare destination. Want to know more about how you can enjoy the best health care services in India? Reach out to us today.
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