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Alternative Medicine

India’s alternative treatments are different from the allopathic remedies and other mainstream pharmaceutical procedures. Alternative treatments employ not only naturopathic healing methods but also encompass spiritual healing and practices which deal beyond the physical aspects of the patients. The prime goal of alternative medical treatments is to provide healing to the body while also giving relief to the mind and the soul. Alternative medicine can be taken in conjunction with your existing medical treatment (for a more holistic healing), but you can also take up these alternative healing methods on their own. India is known for the following alternative treatments:

  • Ayurveda: This 5000-year old system involves a holistic treatment approach which links mental and physical health with one’s spiritual health. Ayurveda involves treatments for a long list of medical conditions and is preferred by many for its more cost-effective treatments and preparations.
  • Yoga and meditation: its philosophy revolves around breathing, meditation, and exercising and involves various kinds of practices which also help treat various medical conditions
  • Naturopathy: Hormonal management for certain types of cancer (prostate and breast) to manipulate cancer cell growth.
  • Unani: Herb and plant use for treating medical conditions such as rheumatism, and elephantiasis..

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