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Cancer is one of the most inclusive diseases in medicine (it has a plethora of classifications), and also one of the most devastating and expensive illnesses to treat. Existing treatment options for cancer-afflicted patients are often too costly, which limits patient access to treatment. India is home to thousands of specialists with decades of experience in the oncology fieldand is also the seat of world-class hospitals offering the best service for cancer treatment. Tech innovations in facilities and intensively trained medical staff make patients all around the world seek treatment in India for the following cancer procedures:

  • Chemotherapy: Drug therapy intended for subduing cancer cell growth in patients. May be administered orally or intravenously.
  • Surgical Interventions: Manual/surgical extraction of tumors and cancer growths, as well as tissue and lymph node removal using laser or traditional surgical tools.
  • Hormone Therapy: Hormonal management for certain types of cancer (prostate and breast) to manipulate cancer cell growth.
  • Radiation Therapy: Treatment using ionizing radiation to destroy cancer cell and their DNA to prevent metastasis (growth).
  • Stem Cell Therapy: Bone marrow transplant to induce new healthy, disease-free cell growth in the body.
  • Immunotherapy: Uses immune system optimization procedures to aid the body in fighting cancer.

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