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Orthopedic Surgery deals with the correction of bone deformities which come congenitally, through age, through trauma, or through diseases. Corrective surgeries need to be done on patients to help them function normally and perform daily activities.

Orthopedic surgery is a vast discipline, but these procedures are the ones commonly performed by surgeons worldwide:

  • Joint Replacements: For patients with damaged hip, knee, and elbow joints
  • Osteotomy: Bone deformity correction via bone trimming and repositioning
  • Fusion, Internal Fixation Surgeries: Bone grafts and support (titanium and other metals) to allow the broken bone to heal properly
  • Soft Tissue Repair:Soft tissue (tendons and ligaments) reconstruction

These procedures often cost a fortune, especially in the United States, which hinders the patients to get the treatment they need. India, however, offers specialty treatments for various orthopedic conditions from world-class hospitals and well-accredited specialists with decades of expertise in the area, but for significantly fewer costs.

Datalife Health Tours can help you in your search for the top hospitals and the best specialists for your orthopedic health needs. Our website offers a list of hospitals you can consider for your orthopedic treatments (surgeries and other procedures), a list of medical experts for your orthopedic concerns, and also options for your travel logistics.

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