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India is now emerging as one of the premier destinations for medical tourism due to its technologically advanced and first-rate hospitals, internationally-trained and experienced doctors, and cost-effective healthcare with uncompromising quality. We at Data Life Health Tours believe in long-term, strategic partnerships with medical institutions and medical professionals with goals of promoting India as one of the best places to be for healthcare and at the same time making it easy for local and international clients to explore their treatment options in the country. To further assist our clients, we are seeking more partners to team up with in our quest for boosting India’s medical tourism.

Hospitals, doctors, specialists, and medical partners offering the following services can reach out to us for the tie-ups:

  • Cardiology-related treatments – facilities offering cardiac surgeries and diagnostic procedures
  • Cancer treatments – facilities with various treatment options (chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgeries, and others) for cancer patients
  • Cosmetic enhancements and surgical procedures – centers offering medical enhancements for patients needing reconstructive surgeries, elective or not
  • Dental care–centers which specialize in dental enhancements and reconstructive surgeries
  • ENT (ears, nose, throat) treatments – hospitals with expertise in treating ear, nose, and throat-related disorders and diseases
  • Gastroenterology – facilities with capabilities for gastric surgeries and treating diseases of the alimentary tract
  • Infertility and IVF – fertility centers, clinics, or institutions offering assistive reproduction and fertility counseling or treatment
  • Neuro and Spine Surgery – hospitals specializing in surgeries and treatment involving the central nervous system (brain and the spinal cord)
  • Organ transplant – hospitals with the technology and specialty for complex organ transplant procedures
  • Orthopedics – facilities with expertise in treating bone and joint related, rehabilitative or reconstructive surgical procedures
  • Yoga and Ayurveda – centers with specialty in archaic alternative medicine and supplemental health activities

If your institution is offering any of those services listed above, we need you—we urge you to reach out to us today to see how we can work together in showcasing India’s strength in healthcare, helping patients discover their numerous health and treatment options in the country, and in facilitating a hassle-free medical tourism service for the patients.

We look forward to hearing from you. Partner with Data Life Health Tours today.

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