Top 10 Medical Procedures You Can Do Abroad

Top 10 Medical Procedures You Can Do Abroad

With the rising cost of medical procedures and red tape in most countries, patients are now considering international options for their medical treatments. Patients from various parts of the world are starting to realize how cost-effective and convenient it is to have their medical procedures done abroad, in countries offering quality but cost-effective medical services.

It’s no secret that millions of patients go to medical destination countries for their clinical needs. But what are the top medical procedures patients go abroad for? Here are the ten medical procedures best done overseas:

1.Cosmetic enhancements
Having cosmetic surgeries in the US often cost tens of thousands of dollars but only cost a fraction in countries like India, where there are also specialists with years of experience in rhinoplasty, breast augmentations, face lifts, and tummy tucks.

2.Joint Replacement
Procedures like hip replacement surgeries in the US and other countries cost more, but countries offering medical tourism for these joint replacement surgeries cost only half or a quarter of the US cost for the same surgery. However, you may need to extend your stay abroad for this one due to the lengthened recovery.

3.Dental Surgeries
Orthodontic and dental surgeries, for aesthetics or function, are also costly procedures but are offered in other countries for considerably less. Surprisingly, you can still save a huge deal when you opt for having your implants or dental surgery done abroad (plus airfare and accommodations) than having them in the US.

4.Ophthalmologic Surgeries
India is well-known for its high-tech clinics offering services for cataract removals and eye surgeries delivered by seasoned specialists in the field. Sources say that cataract surgery costs more than $3000 per eye in the US and France, but only costs less than $250 in India.

5.Alternative Treatments
Naturopathic and Ayurvedic treatments are best done abroad, especially in India, the cradle of Ayurveda, Yoga, and other alternative, holistic treatments.

6.Bariatric Procedures
Weight loss surgeries such as laparoscopic bariatric surgeries are popular amongst international patients since they are less invasive and less costly done internationally.

7.Spinal Fusion
Given the technological advancements in medicine in medical tourism destinations, procedures such as spinal fusion, one of the most expensive orthopedic surgeries in the US, are best done abroad. This surgery costs hundreds of thousands in the US but only costs less than $5000 in other countries, including travel expenses.

8.Orthopedic Surgeries
Bone surgeries for malformations and other deformities are also cheaper abroad but are performed by seasoned specialists in the field as well.

Some international medical destinations have no ethical issues about surrogacy and have lenient laws about this assistive reproduction technique. Plus, the low cost of this procedure is super attractive to parents-to-be seeking more forgiving rates for surrogacy procedures.

10.Cancer treatment
Yes, cancer treatments can also be done abroad, in countries where there is a multitude of treatment options with a fraction of a cost compared to usual radiation and chemotherapy sessions in your home country.

Are you considering having any of these medical procedures done? Let us know! We can help you discuss the options for your medical needs and help you plan for your ideal medical itinerary.

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